Sunday, November 2, 2014

Finally on Facebook

A quick (long due) overview! I am working on a "story so far" memoir, stay tuned... -J

Working with meditative organic music since 2002. Recurring themes have so far been traveling, saudade, nature, existentialist philosophy, wanderlust, snails, hedgehogs and mushrooms.

Features a fluctuating cast of members around Joonatan Elokuu.

Links & other affiliated projects:


Black Deck LP (soon)

Aura Shining Green - East Of The Sun & West Of The Moon (2cd retrospective to be released in January 2015,

Aura Shining Green - Songs Of Arrogance And Inexperience (work in progress)

Joonatan Elokuu - De Pijp (an album of live cover tracks from the Amsterdam days)


Aura Shining Green - Doctrine of Absolute Freedom (2014)

Aura Shining Green - Twilight Language (2014)

Aura Shining Green - A Secret History (2014)

Pyhä Kuolema - Haudanrakastajan Laulut (2014, lead guitar + vocals)

Oulu Space Jam Collective - Geyser Squirting Alien On Enceladus (2014)

Oulu Space Jam Collective - Renegade Spaceman (2014)

Oulu Space Jam Collective - The Cosmic Voyager (2014)

Oulu Space Jam Collective - Intergalactic Spy Music (2014)

Oulu Space Jam Collective - Approaching Beast Moon Of Baxool (2014)

Oulu Space Jam Collective - Artistic Supplies For Moon Paint Mafia (2014)

Oulu Space Jam Collective - Ijiraqian (2014)

Joonatan Elokuu - The Tower & The Hanged Man (2013)

Lingua Fungi & Joonatan Elokuu - 21.8.2010 (live, 2011)

Black Deck - Black Deck EP (2011)

Joonatan Elokuu - Earth, Sky, Moon & Sun (2011)

Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat - S/T (2011)

Joonatan Elokuu - A Vagrant's Whim (2010)

Joonatan Elokuu - Mushroom Heart (2009)

Aura Shining Green - Once We Were Young & Full Of Sunlight (2002-2004)